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Equitrac Office/ Equitrac Express

Equitrac Office© and Equitrac Express© are aids in cost recovery and print management solutions helping organizations control the printing practices in the workplace. With Equitrac, organizations can implement standards ensuring that every print device is used appropriately. The Equitrac solutions will allow organizations to reduce the amount of wasteful printing and provide organizations with a quicker ROI on the print devices being acquired.

Equitrac Office/ Equitrac Express

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated with Equitrac Office cost management solutions and Equitrac Express pay-for print/copy solutions
  • Eliminates unauthorized printing and the waste of uncollected print jobs
  • Color quota enforcement
  • Billing code selection at start of session
  • Account balance enforcement
  • Simple, familiar, touch screen on supported Kyocera device
  • Single integrated user experience simplifies workflow, increases user satisfaction
  • Follow-You Printing
  • Documents output only when users are ready to pick them up from the MFP
  • Network login or PIN authentication and access control
  • Mag stripe, Mifare