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October 8, 2020

Maximize uptime and increase your team's productivity by including imaging equipment & document management in your ongoing training program.

A remarkable percentage of calls for service on imaging equipment are not due to equipment malfunction, but a lack of understanding of how to properly use the equipment and associated drivers and software. In addition - changes made on your network may impact workstation-to-equipment connectivity.

At RTR Business Products, we are able to trouble-shoot many of these issues remotely using Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS), and proactively address needs with regularly schedule service visits and ongoing training. Learn more about how RTR uses KFS to deliver a better total experience to you and your team. LINK

We recommend conducting re-orientation/training sessions at least twice per year. It is our experience that information shared when your team is trained on your the new equipment often fades with time. And typically - new hires are trained on the equipment by co-workers who cover only essential functions.

This approach produces an unintentional drag on productivity when you consider the amount of time member of your team invest in trying to "figure-things-out" individually and in collaboration with co-workers.

Sure - we understand that scheduling a "re-orientation" session is not on anyone's list of action items, but accomplishing this task is both simple and beneficial.

We have seen time and again that a 30-minute investment in time produces "uh-hah" moments addressing lingering questions or unresolved issues, and "wow" responses where time-saving features are adopted for recurring tasks.

When you consider the number of "copier" questions that occur and the amount of time consumed processing these issues, and each one-minute task that is converted into one-second/one-touch - we believe you will agree that "re-orientation" represents a tremendous opportunity for your organization to enhance productivity.

Attention to details like this is another example of how RTR Business Products helps you avoid common mistakes to reduce the total cost of your imaging equipment and document management solutions.

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September 25, 2020

Leasing company insurance fees on leased imaging equipment is an expense you can avoid.

Take a moment to review your most recent imaging equipment lease invoice and look for a line item referencing insurance. In most instances - this is an expense you can avoid.

Why? Leasing companies require insurance coverage for the leased equipment. If they are not provided with proof of insurance within 30-days of initiating the lease, they incorporate coverage as a monthly fee.

At the time of equipment delivery RTR Business Products advises our customers to contact their insurance agent to secure a rider referencing coverage for the leased equipment and to share this with the leasing company.

In addition - the leasing company provides in their "welcome" packet directions for confirming insurance coverage. But - all to often this task is overlooked and unnecessary fees are incurred.

In many cases these fees are over $20 per month. On a 60-month lease your total fees can exceed $1,200. We agree - that's expensive!

Even if you are well into your lease you can lower your monthly expense by taking action now!

Attention to details like this is another example of how RTR Business Products helps you avoid common mistakes to reduce the total cost of your imaging equipment and document management solutions.

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October 8, 2020

Looking for an easy way to Reduce Cost & Improve Productivity?

A Zero-Cost, Zero-Risk audit of your Imaging Equipment & Document Management Solution often uncovers hundreds or even thousand in savings annually.

With over 50-years in the imaging equipment industry, RTR Business Products is a proven resource. We have helped thousands of organizations examine their current solution and configure more effective total-cost strategies.

We will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your existing equipment, services agreement, and productivity solution at no cost to you -- even if you go with another vendor!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Our approach is different and it makes us different. We invest in the success of others who, in turn, look to RTR Business Products when they have a need.

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August 20, 2020

If your in-house IT staff or IT services vendor is your go-to for office equipment hardware and connectivity issues -- then you are probably spending too much.

"I can't print .. or copy .. or scan .. or .."

If you depend on office equipment, then you are sure to have heard these words.

For most - the next step is DIY troubleshooting or a call to IT for support. Whether it's staff or vendor - in most cases they are able to resolve the issue and get you back up-and-running.

Why? Because it's convenient, it's your "process", or it's the only option. Often this approach is counterproductive and costly.

Recurring hardware or connectivity issues can rapidly accumulate excessive billings due to the higher hourly rates from your IT vendor. And turning to staff can be just as expensive when you consider the priority projects they aren't working while they "figured-out" how to resolve these type of issues.

A better option is to call your office equipment vendor. Not only are they experts in the equipment - its features and functionality - as well as experienced in resolving connectivity issues. In most cases the fix will be achieved quicker and at a much lower cost.

A growing number of Smart Buyers' are effectively controlling and further reducing costs by incorporating fixed-rate connectivity services into their maintenance & supplies agreements.

Learn more about how you might benefit from a Connectivity Rider available from RTR Business Products!

August 7, 2020

Avoid lease terms with escalation provisions that increase both your equipment and service cost year-over-year.

Everyone reads the fine print in their lease agreements - right? And understands all the provisions .. well, maybe ..

An important part of equipment leases are escalator terms. These terms provide the vendor through the lease agreement the ability to adjust equipment, as well as, services fees on an annual basis - sometimes as much as 15% each year.

So - the low monthly payment or cost-per-copy quote you approved when you installed your equipment can increase remarkably throughout the lease term.

Gain peace-of-mind and save more by avoiding this costly mistake. Secure a commitment for fixed equipment cost over the term of your lease and closely review your annual service and supplies invoices.

Want to learn more about why this common mistake may be costing you hundreds – possibly thousands – of dollars? Give us a call and we will explain how buying smarter with RTR Business Products saves you more.

June 7, 2020

Avoid including office equipment maintenance & supplies in your lease.

You may have been told that this is a convenience that saves you from having to process additional invoices and cut extra checks.

When you include your maintenance & supplies in your equipment lease, then you have lost control and limited your flexibility -- and are sure to be paying too much.

Want to learn more about why this common mistake may be costing you hundreds – possibly thousands – of dollars?

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October 8, 2020

Google has announced it will discontinue Google Cloud Print at the end of 2020. Do you have a plan to replace this component of your productivity solution?

After December 2020 Google will no longer offer their Google Cloud Print service. Therefore, customers who currently use this service will need to integrate a new solution for their cloud printing needs to maintain business processes without disruption.

The good news is there are both complimentary device features which are easy-to-use and cost-effective ways to digitalize your workflows and drive efficiency, and several alternative solutions designed to help streamline processes to boost both productivity and security.

These include:

  • Email - to - Print
  • Kyocera Mobile Print
  • IPP/IPPS (Internet Printing Protocol/ Internet Printing Protocol Secured)
  • Kyocera Google Connector
  • MyQ from Kyocera

If you counted on Google Cloud Print, you will benefit from one or more of Kyocera's offerings to keep your workflows optimized

If you are interested in learning more Click HERE or Give us a call.

September 25, 2020


Safeguard against confidential documents getting into the wrong hands by enhancing how you protect your overall print environment.

A recent study highlights that over 30% of data breaches are linked to inside sources (internal users). Accessing unclaimed printed documents - which are examined, scanned, photographed or just taken from the device.

Organizations must balance the need for proper security and compliance on their imaging equipment with the enhanced productivity these devices provide.

When choosing a provider to manage your documents and print management infrastructure, it is important to choose a service provider that prioritizes print security.

Augmenting print management and security doesn't have to be complex and costly.

For many organizations - simply enabling controls built-in to your imaging equipment is an effective initial step. Further enhancements can be achieved through the use of security and control applications, and expanded services available from your imaging equipment and document management solutions provider.

At RTR Business Products - along with our primary manufacturing partner, Kyocera - we leverage proven integrated equipment and software applications address your security and compliance requirements.

  • Recommended areas of focus:
  • Network Access and Communications providing a secure platform for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Stored & Processed Information with encryption and overwrite Certified ISO15408 for RAM, Hard Drive and MFP.

Examples of Secure Features:

  • Copy - Restrict access to the copy features on MFPs.
  • Print - Secure print job release of documents.
  • Scan - Secure transmission of images, restricted user access.
  • Mobile and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Secure device access with maximum functionality.
  • Cloud / Web Based Communication: Secure exchange of data utilizing encryption and certificates.
  • Monitoring: Centrally controlled monitoring and management access utilizing SNMPv3.
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs: Device based audit logs encompassing all communication and functionality.
  • MFP End-of-Life Strategy: Designed to ensure your Kyocera MFP will clear all user data and information.
See the following article for additional insight into Imaging Equipment Security - HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about where you might be at risk and steps you can take to enhance equipment and document security -- Give us a call.

August 20, 2020

Cold fusion. Time travel. The paperless office. And other utopian visions just beyond our reach ...

We are now entering the third decade of the paperless office concept. Sure - we are certainly using less paper - but there are still folders and filing cabinets filled with paper and processes dependent on paper.

So, why is the paperless office so elusive for small and mid-sized organization?

The overriding factors impeding adoption are clear -- Cost and Complexity.

There are many solutions available. Typically they fall into two categories -- DIY cloud-solutions with limited feature-sets and integration, and more comprehensive feature-rich enterprise solutions.

For most leaders the rationale supporting adoption of document management solutions is a no-brainer. The stumbling block is the fuzzy return-on-investment calculations, and previous failed attempts to migrate to automated solutions within reasonable budgets and timetables.

There is a better way for small & mid-sized organization to secure feature-rich, lower-cost Document Management solutions.

The key - like many things - is to keep it simple by controlling complexity and costs by integrating existing resources (Hint: Your Scanner & Your Network) and implementing focused solutions that streamline specific manual processes .. like Accounts Receivable .. Human Resources .. Contract Management .. etc.

Find additional insight into Document Management Solutions - HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about a document management solution that is feature-rich, cost effective and guaranteed to deliver a 3-to-1 hard-dollar return-on-investment in the first year -- then give us a call.

August 7,2020

Feature-Rich, Lower-Cost Cloud-Fax Solutions

Increasingly - organizations are exploring Cloud-based Fax solutions instead of configuring their office equipment with built-in fax hardware and higher-cost analog lines.

These solutions are proving to have expanded functionality while addressing security and privacy protocols essential for many industries.

As buildings are being retrofitted with fiber optic and VOIP systems adoption accelerating - a cloud-fax solution can improve reliability and reduce your total cost by nearly 50%.

Additional insight can be found in this New York Times article from July - LINK

Want to learn more about how you might benefit from a Cloud-Fax solution for your organization? Give us a call and we will explain how buying smarter with RTR Business Products saves you more.


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